Satan is Winning the War Against God’s People


This is a call for us to rededicate ourselves to the commitment of meeting together in the House of God.

No WAY God has called us to simply show up when we feel like it. No WAY is God pleased with us dining from His table on Sunday Mornings Only. We can’t possibly Grow Spiritually, if we are not Spiritually being fed!

Let’s God Give Back What is Rightfully His…. Our Service!

Everywhere I look, God’s people are meeting less and less at an alarming rate. God gives us a beautiful day, and we thank Him by forsaking the assembly of God by skipping church so that we can spend that day outside. It’s a wonder He EVER gives a beautiful day again! Church attendance is down nearly everywhere. Bible teachers are not teaching the Bible. Men that should be spending less time preaching and more time in The Word have been raised up to become Pastors. Deacons are no longer serving. Churches are no longer laying block upon the foundation of The Ruling Resurrected Christ, rather they are building massive structures upon the bones of dead lost men…

Services are being replaced by programs. Sunday Evening Services are vanishing. No one comes to the 10am Sunday School Hour. It seems that one hour of God and meeting with God’s people per week is enough. In many cases, that one hour in itself is merely a chore that some church folk cannot wait to complete so that they can get on with finishing up their weekend the way in which they want to. With all that this world has to offer, with its many demands of our time, resources and energy it seems as if the “Modern Day Christian” feels as if he/she is doing God a favor by giving Him an entire hour out of his/her precious week….

We need to become a people who value righteousness again! We are allowing this pagan world to rip our values right out from under us with little or no resistance. Is this what a SOLDIER of an Almighty Christ looks like in battle? We have a soft bunch of so-called Christians today that only stand in the Gospel when it is convenient for them to do so. Christ has never called us to be comfortable, yet we comfortably sit on the sidelines while the battle is being won by Satan the great Adversary. Shame on you, Child of God!

We have a Holy God that wants His people to meet, love one another and care for one another, yet we have other things to do…The Creator of the Universe! The Creator and Sustainer of life, YEARNS to be with us but we are unmoved!

Our Holy God! Our Heavenly Father, gave Heaven’s best, His only begotten Son, Jesus to reconcile us to Him! He wants us to give Him our attention! He wants us to come to Him through His Son, but we neglect the Son of God and pour ourselves into the ungodly things of this world that can never satisfy! Christ is Screaming, “Why do you continue to drink and eat from the things of this world that will never complete you? Come and Drink from Me, The Living River of Life! Come and Eat from the Bread of Life!” Yet we are indifferent and dull to His plea…

He has made us driveways at the homes that he has given us that hold the cars in which He has allowed us to purchase with the money that He grants us to earn from the jobs in which He provides. Even the roughest road that our God has paved can easily be traveled on by our vehicles so that we can get to The Church in which He has built for us to come together and meet with one another to fellowship and learn about Him. On the outside of the Church, there are spaces for us to park these cars….

When we go in and sit on His pews and chairs we will immediately notice that He has even gifted us with heat, air conditioning, ceiling fans, running water, class rooms, kitchens, nurseries, activity buildings/fellowship halls and even an altar for us to kneel down and shed tears of joy, triumph, burden, grief, heart-ache, victory, guilt, sorrows and so forth… Also He has filled the Church with song books, pianos, guitars, banjos, and all sorts of instruments along with microphones to project our voices that He has given us to intermingle with those instruments in heavenly harmony in praise so that we can make a joyful noise for Him to hear us in Heaven…

Our God is so great that He has left us His tried, tested, true and victorious Word so that we may read it. The Bible is God’s “Love letter” to each and every one of us. Knowing that we are simply unable to be drawn to the power unto salvation on our own, He gives us His Spirit so that we may be moved from a life that ignores what the world calls foolishness, into a life of eternity, by way of the Cross.

The Holy Spirit gives us the Power to look into this “love letter” that we call The Scriptures as if it were a clear glass window from which when we look through it, we see with our own eyes, purified by The Spirit, the Death, Burial and Resurrection of The One that is called Jesus… In that moment, when we look through that window and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ being played out in front of us, we become overwhelmed by everything that God is and from that day forward we are a new people, called out to be His and His alone…

God has chosen to take a broken world, full of broken people and provide for them all that they need…

I want to remind you that I am nothing but a broken piece of clay, trying to tell other broken pieces of clay about The Potter.

Let’s get back into the House of God! Let’s turn this stinking world upside down for Christ! Let us live out loud! May we be soul’d out for Christ! Let us put the Super Natural Fruit Bearing Power of Grace that God has given us and pour it into the Advancement of His Kingdom!

If the Church that you are attending is indifferent to this call, GO FIND ANOTHER CHURCH!

If you attend Victory Baptist Church and you are offended to this call, GO FIND ANOTHER CHURCH!

It is in Jesus’ name and with a heavy burden that I write this, but with great expectations I sign it…

Pastor Chad Lovejoy
Victory Baptist Church