The Irrelevant Majority

by pastorchadlovejoy


How many times have I said that the peaceful majority is irrelevant? I’ve also said that the power of the peaceful majority IF United would be the most powerful force that humanity could ever create.

Are all citizens in Ferguson Missouri looters?
Are all students at WVU drunks?
Are all residents in West Virginia racist?
Are all welfare recipients bums?
Are all Christians fake?
– The answer? Of course not but that is irrelevant!

The looters, drunks, racists, bums and fake Christians make up the minority yet they ARE THE PROBLEM with our society.
And you wanna know why they are the problem?

Because the “peaceful majority” ALLOWS the minority to dominate society with their agendas because WE “the peaceful majority” don’t want to offend anyone, or challenge anyone, or even reach out because we like our pretty little lives in our pretty little bubble and to hell with everyone else! As long as no-one bothers us in our little bubble we are content with sitting on the sidelines doing nothing but running our mouths placing blame on everyone except for the true majority in our country. People like you and me… Sick of it all but not enough to do anything about it…
Therefore WE “the peaceful majority,” when it comes to contributing to the reversal of the current state of society, are irrelevant…

– Pastor Chad Lovejoy