revelation_3-20~Coy: Showing Reluctance to Take a Stand or make a Commitment

Here is Jesus pounding on the door.
Not just “a door” or “any door.” This door happens to be yours
This pounding on “Your Door” hasn’t always been this loud, but at this point if Jesus was a mere man battering that door, His hands would no doubt be bruised then bleeding to-the-bone as the urgency to get your attention intensifies.

His presence in your youth, your relationships, your parents, your teachers, your role models and so forth have gone unnoticed for the most part.

  • Outside of the scarce acknowledgement of the condolences He wrapped you in when you were mourning,
    The trivial “thank you Lord” when He clothed you with His warmth when comfort was pleaded for,
    And the occasional honoring of Him with your lips when He bestowed His blessings upon you-for the most part, His Almighty existence has been winked at by blinded eyes of one who has no interest to see.

How long can you continue to just lay there on your couch?
How long will you bury yourself into your cell phone?
How long will this computer virus infect you?
How long will you continue to flip through the channels on the TV?

How can You be so Coy? – The Couch, Cell, Computer and TV, Etc., is where the very citadel of “your being” exists. These Worldly Gadgets have you on Auto-Pilot and you are being guided straight past your need for Jesus Christ and directly into perdition.


RELUCTANT to open Your Door for The Lord Mighty and Strong!
Too Phlegmatic to STAND and acknowledge Christ at Your Door!
Uninspired to make a COMMITMENT to grant access to You, whom He created!
God breathed life into you. Christ has personally made the trip from heaven to your door yet dormancy reigns supreme!


Your Dead Hands will grab a hold, of the pretty dream this world has sold.
You’ve dreamed so hard you deserve the gold.  Go chase the rainbow and still grow old.
Scratch your eyes out! Watch time fly! Claw, Cry, Climb forevermore!
The rich man pleads from Luke 16, “Please God Please break down that door!”


Darkened heart, pumped in vain, Satan is running, through your veins
Death will rain it’s grand parade, every drop, on the stone of your grave
It stings so much, for those of us, for many years, we prayed with faith
Turn knob turn! Door open up! God Please Save Him by Your Grace!


Now you’re Gone – we will pray for the Living!
May your life – Testify to the Sinning!
Death to The Saints is – Just the Beginning!
Mighty to Save – My God is Still Giving!
Eternal Life to – those who are Willing!
Not to fake Jake’s – looking for a Feeling!
How many more – Jake’s will go to Hell?
Those of you who thirst – Come, drink from THE Well!

Selah!!! Selah!!! Selah!!! Selah!!! Selah!!! Selah!!!


Written By Pastor Chad Lovejoy
Victory Baptist Church
5310 Big Tyler Road
Cross Lanes WV 25313